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Palmer Cross Photos

Masters, Jrs, Women

& B Race

Photos by Guest Photographer
Bob Roldan of Dream Bikes


(Click on each photo for the big view)

Click here for A Race Photos


Dream Bikes' Tiffany floats up the run-up
Julie, what kind of carry is that?
Tiffany chases a guy down
And sprints up the road
Me, first lap with a gimp in the background
Dream Bikes' Murray pre-attack
Kyle overcomes poor start to pass many
The hurdle won't take me out this time
Who is he?
Murray, pre-barbecue
Seven Cycles' racer
BCA rider looks ahead
Kurt, former pro, says B-racing is harder than Europe
Steve Bonadio (NEBC) says selling his wheels was harder than racing
Horst rider
NESCA rider
Jim Burke is up there
Suspension could have helped
I was catching you!
But I didn't
But thankfully he didn't catch me
Neither did he