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Palmer Cross Photos

A Race

(and a few Mountain Bike Race Photos)


(Click on each photo for the big view)

Click here for B Race and Masters/Women/Jrs Race photos

The start of the A's
The early camouflaged leaders
John funk and co give chase
The rest follow
A big pack tackles this season's steepest run-up
The leading pack, lap 2.
Richie Peers and his unique carrying style tries to catch up
John Funk chose a mountain bike for all the roots
Amos leads the Cannondale boys
Dan Coady runs with Dream Bikes' Sacha Henchman
The leaders at the barriers
Cannondales are everywhere
Dan Coady finally moves up to A's and still kicks ass!
Sacha chases him through the barriers
The cammo boys are fading
Richie Peers leave the woods
John Funk again
Theos chasing another cannondale
Kyle Gates stylin it
Cannondale rips this corner.
Stephan is smooth over the roots
Sacha in his first full cross season
Sean Silva is getting the hang of it
Jesus emerges!
Dream Bikes' Sacha Henchman is thinking about the upcoming barbecue
This mountain bike racer loves this downhill
While these guys chase the leaders
The tandem rides down it!
This guys was crazy!  He hit this tree at 100 mph every lap and loved it.